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Mr. Syed Ziaur Rahman is a certified Soft Skills Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Motivational Speaker. He is also a certified IMPACT and Skill India Trainer. He Served in Toastmasters International as a Division Director. Toastmasters International is an educational organization that trains every individual to achieve leadership and public speaking skills through a worldwide network of clubs. It has helped people from diverse backgrounds to become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders. Zia with his commitment and dedication towards his role as Division Director in Toastmasters International achieved DTM: He is successful in offering his efficient assistance for-which he achieved the Highest Educational Award called Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM). This is only possible when you have zeal towards your responsibilities. He proves that through constant hard work and steadiness one can undoubtedly reach their targets and much more than that in certain instances. In Multinational Companies he worked as a CEO and Managing Director at senior Level Management Position for more than two decades in Middle Eastern Countries and in India as well. When he began his career just like any other job holder, he not only fully understood and implemented his responsibilities but at the same time he even focused on his professional growth. He did not sit staring at people who are raising on their own terms, rather implemented every single success life lesson to stand upwards. As an entrepreneur he recently joined a new Ed-Tech Startup as an Authorized Independent Business Consultant (IBC) of Bada Business to help businesses of all levels to gain maximum advantage of their occupation. This IBC Bada Business is an initiative of Dr. Vivek Bindra where he trains entrepreneurs of all levels to gain best results with minimum investment. He also provides many options to job holders and jobless people too with both part-time and full-time learning and earning opportunities that are of best value. Any person who so ever is interested to grow up can become part of this IBC Bada Business. You will have a community to help and assist you in every single step of your journey. As many across India joined this program and have seen the results of reaching the achievers stage. Syed Zia made a firm decision to be a part of it and help/support other fellow entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true with this IBC Bada Business. As training is one of his passions, presently he has begun conducting skillful Training classes and workshops to benefit other people with the guidance from his learnings. He, being part of Toastmasters International, learnt and mastered leadership and public speaking skills. With his learning journey and experience he felt Soft Skills play a vital role in one’s life irrespective of their occupation. He deeply felt that if he can create a program to train people on soft skills with his learnt knowledge, that might give life to many who lack knowledge on it. This thoughtful idea and his passion towards training drove him to create courses on soft skills that make talented people become fearless and open up their minds and get enlightened. In his current Training he is offering Soft Skills Sessions to Students, Corporates, Small Business Owners, and Housewife’s. He also owns a profitable IT Company named ZITCO Private Limited. Zitco offers IT, Ed-Tech and Digital Marketing Services. He is a well-rounded expert in Skill Training, a Coherent Coach, a Competent Mentor, a Proficient Consultant, and a Dynamic Motivational Speaker. He is capable of transforming you to a new level, by helping you overcome all the myths that are stopping you not to come out of your comfort zone. His journey makes it clear to us that the boundaries around us are the ones that are drawn by us and we possess the strength to overcome all possible fears. The only thing that is required to go along the proper direction is accurate guidance. As Syed Ziaur Rahman himself has travelled the path beforehand, he can certainly Consult, Mentor, Coach you with his Trainings and help you become the influencer speaker.


Zia Online exists to train, lead, coach, and consult students, self-employed, entrepreneurs, business owners, and business leaders to achieve business growth, and maximum business value by learning public speaking skills.


By 2025 Zia Online will train 10,000 Students, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed to improve their Public Speaking Skills. We will help and encourage Students and Business Owners to grow in their career.